Local Selection is a series where we get Ireland’s top resident DJs to provide a mix exclusively for us.

Up next we have SubTech, Limerick resident Jake Nolan. Jake has supported acts like Dax J, Ejeca, Guy Gerber and is bringing over DeFeKT for a live set in September.

Any new stuff on the way?

Loads of big shows planned for SubTech. Would love to tell you about all of them but I’d have to kill you.

Interesting, any hints? like any sort of genre you’re going to go towards this year?

Last year was a bit of a trial run genre-wise but it was fairly evident from the show with Dax J that techno is what they want.

Do you prefer being a promoter or a DJ?

A DJ. Not half as stressful.

Do you produce much?

Was afraid you’d ask that. I’ve been a bit lazy up until now but I’ve been doing a bit when I get a chance for the last couple of months!

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