Everyone loves Kerri Chandler, I don’t think it’s possible to not like him, Kerri himself actually loves us Irish too.

After being announced for a four hour set at Circles festival in Dublin we’ve decided to highlight ten of our favourite Kerri Chandler tracks.

Sunday Sunlight

Kicking off this list is Kerri’s usual soulful house vocals caressed along side early 90s organs and strings. The perfect tune to play in the park on a sunny day.

Bar A Thym

Here we Kerri take on NiteGrooves records for a two track EP. Bar A Thym is often people’s favourite Kerri Chandler track and we can understand why.

Downtown (Dark Mix)

This minimalistic approach to deep soulful house works perfectly. Organ style stabs, a deep sine wave bassline, cripsy drums, a smooth vocal and rising pads. What more could you want.

Keep Me Inside

This is considered one of Kerri’s best pieces and way ahead of it’s time. Kerri uses some UKG techniques towards this track with them cut and chopped vocals.


This one was released in 2006 on Soul Heaven Records. With Kerri on the vocals, as he says ‘you can’t lie to house music’. Listen to him, he knows whats what.

Dick Dickler – The Tapes

This is Kerri’s secret ode to Ireland. It’s a man from Dublin on the phone to another man from Cork, hassling him into buying his “Rampant Rabbits”. This eventually comes to an end and we hear a killer house track. Check it out if you don’t believe us.

Mommy What’s A Record

With a nice intro from Kerri talking about buying some records before a gig, he then stacks this track with piano melodies on top of each-other.


Released on the legendary ‘Nervous Records’ this is the perfect representation of a sunny day on the beach drinking cans. Never mind the title, this is a proper feel good track.

You’re in my System (Remix)

Between this and ‘Atmosphere’ it was hard to choose our favourite. That feeling when you can hear the DJ slowly tease in the organ stabs in this never gets old.

Atmosphere (Lost Dubs)

There’s not a lot we can say about this track. It’s by far our favourite. Just listen to it right now if you haven’t already here this gem.

Photo Credit: Eoghan Barra

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